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April Showers Bring Great Goals

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Here is a quick recap of my goals from March and how I did:

1. Figure out where I want to live. Raleigh – Moving in with my best friend and her mom

2. BLOG MORE! Still working on this one. I did increase my frequency this month.

3. Review the books I’m reading. I haven’t finished Parachute but I did finish “A Little Bit Married” and I will be reviewing that later this week.

4. Take better/more pictures. I took some awesome pictures at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade (http://www.flickr.com/photos/40985145@N03/sets/72157623445184753/)

5. Be Nicer….to Everyone Working on it and I hope others are too.

Now it’s time to talk about April! 1 month closer to my move!

    1. Sell my stuff. Despite my love affair, I’m going to sell a lot of my possessions, including my bed. I realized that I can’t keep dragging material things around with me and it’s not worth the hassle trying to move everything.

    2. Figure out my skills I know I want to help people but what skills do I have that can help me do this and will translate into a job? I’m off on Weds so I’m going to do the Flower Exercise in “What Color is Your Parachute” while I have some quiet time.

    3. Walk more. I honestly get winded going up stairs. I need to get in shape and walking will be the first step in helping me AND I can get outside to enjoy the wonderful sunshine!

    4. Bug Penelope for more help on my resume PT was helping me with my resume a few months ago and we made some great progress but I think we’ve both gotten away from it so with the BIG move coming up, I’m sure I will need her (and everyone else’s) help.

To participate in the meet-up:

1. Post a list of your career/life related goals for the current month, along with your checked off goals from the last month if you’d like, on your own blog.
2. Come back to BrazenCareerist.com network and leave a link to your post in the comments (*If you don’t have your own blog, feel free to share your list here in the comments to join in!)
3. Then, check out everyone else’s lists as they leave comments – click their links, visit their blogs, say hello, meet, greet and support each other because that’s what it’s all about!

Written by Regina

April 7th, 2010 at 12:35 am

  • http://carleemallard.com/ Carlee Mallard

    You're actually moving to Raleigh — that's awesome! (You know, because I live here and whatnot). We'll definitely meet up once you get settled down here. And plllllease let me know if you need any help or email me and let me know what area of town you'll be in. There are so many great places to take walks around here too, so I'll to show you around! I'm unfortunately in the same boat with the walking and the stairs. Running is so far from realistic that I've made it a point to start out slow (just walking) and see where that takes me.

    Good luck on the move!!

  • http://valedeoro.wordpress.com Valentina

    Hi Regina,
    First impression: I absolutely LOVE the layout of your blog. Springly refreshing! And good luck with organizing the move. I have to say that after my last move I decided never ever to change flat again, but I made the error to first move and then clean out. So I dragged lots of stuff along just to donate it later. So do take the time to do a thorough clean-out before you pack everything in. Good tip from a friend of mine: if you have something that you would like to spare, because of the memories, consider taking a picture. You can even frame it or make a little remembrance album. And then you can give the thing away and have more space 😉 So, enjoy the purge and the new start!!!!

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  • http://everydayidealist.wordpress.com/ Mariel

    I completely understand what you're going through with your stuff. I also did the whole shopping-as-a-way-to-cope-get-out-of-the-house thing, although not until high school/college. I've significantly pared down my possessions (mostly clothes) although I still have a problem with books, and I'm ok with that. While perhaps odd, I feel about many of my books as if they were old friends, and indeed, they are – they got me through tough times, they continue to have new lessons, and they make me happy. Just because it's 'stuff' doesn't mean you can't absolutely cherish it, so don't get rid of anything that would break your heart, even if it is your bed.

    You asked me what books I'm reading. Every month I post the books I've read and the books I want to read, and see how closely they align – sort of like the Monthly Goals. I meant to have my monthly reading post out earlier, but here it is http://everydayidealist.wordpress.com/2010/04/0…. Currently I'm working my way through a stack I've never touched before (all gifts or books passed to me) to continue decluttering, so I'm a little off my List, but still enjoying myself.

    Good luck with the move!

  • http://twitter.com/dmbosstone Patrick Pho

    I have cousins that live in that area- I hope you enjoy it! Also I have a friend moving down there for her job so I hope you find a gig you like!

  • http://www.reginatwine.com/ Regina Twine

    I have a lot of friends from college in the area so I'm sure it will be hard for me to be bored! Glad to know I'm not the only person moving to NC. What type of work does your friend do?

  • http://www.reginatwine.com/ Regina Twine

    Thanks for the luck! I haven't really heard of those books but I will look into them!

  • http://www.reginatwine.com/ Regina Twine

    Thanks Valentina! I hope to change up my blog one day but I'm enjoying the look for now. Taking a picture is an EXCELLENT idea! I'm going to start doing that now!

  • http://www.reginatwine.com/ Regina Twine

    Carlee, we will totally meet up! I'm excited to meet you! I love to meet new people :)