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Am I Missing Out on LIFE?

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SO…Hi.  Long time no blog. I’ve been composing blog posts in my head but they haven’t made it to the computer yet due to me having like no personal time.

Hey Regina! Quick updates: I found my structure – I got a job! I sell cars. Seriously, I’ve been on the job for a month and I’ve sold 10 cars. It’s a little bit of a rush every time I get a car deal. I love the interactions I have with people so this is a good job for me at the moment. I have now been Dating (with a big D) the guy for almost 3 months and I pretty much moved in with him. Did I mention I found him online? Well whatever, I move fast sometimes. The problem is that I’m not allowed to blog about him and I REALLY want to but oh well.

So as I said, I gained the structure that I was craving but I’m paying a slightly high price for it. I usually work from 9 to 9 about 6 days a week. I work about 45 minutes away from my house so that’s how I ended up moving in since the Boy lives about 5 minutes away from my job. I haven’t really been able to see my friends because I’m usually not home. According to a few, that’s part of “growing up” and being serious. I guess I’m not ready to lose my friends. They are my rocks and help keep the fun in my life. Why does growing up mean that you have to become completely independent or only dependent on your significant other?  I’m only 25 (birthday is coming up guys!) and I don’t think fun and excitement are too much to ask for. Am I settling for a job that is keeping me away from the lifestyle I enjoy? Is that what being a grownup truly is? I’m whining but for good reason I think. I spent 2 years in Upstate NY, with just the Ex for company. I made friends along the way and was able to hang out occasionally with them but I was away from my good friends. Yes, I have my entire life to work but how many opportunities will I miss to cheer up a friend or share in a horrible but funny adventure?

Am I missing out on life by having a job? Am I just going crazy?

  • http://twitter.com/BLKMGK01 AJ Kulatunga

    Hey Regina,

    I follow you on twitter so just dropping by to say hi and check out your blog. Great post and really glad that you found your structure and yeah it is a little overwhelming at first but when you find your groove – nothing can stop you. Good luck with your dreams Girl!

    Dream, Build, Inspire, Lead!


  • Chris T.

    Your not going crazy… it does suck sometimes to be labeled as “grown-up”… There are days where I miss the crazy things from the teenage years but I also know that being grown up doesnt necessarily mean I have to give up all the fun… Don’t worry that feeling will pass.. Keep your chin up Re Re.. the feeling will pass…

  • http://carleemallard.com/ Carlee Mallard

    I’m glad you found a job, for your sanity and whatnot and bank account I’m sure. But I think it’s a temporary job. I think that if you keep looking (and you BETTER!) you’ll find another job that better fits your lifestyle as well as your work ethic. Because dangit, you have an amazing work ethic and as far as selling cars goes you’re pretty darn good at it, as you’ve proved. But the hours really are killer. I’m starting to think that a lot of men take jobs like that because they just plain don’t have a lot of friends or family to worry about anyways… haha.

    But girl, you got Friends (with a capital F!).

    So far you’ve still been there for me when I really needed you (ahem First Friday dance parties & last Wednesday like whoa), and I so soooo appreciate that you have your priorities straight in that department. Just keep finding that balance… until you find another job that better fits your lifestyle.