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Cars, Sex and Coworkers. Oh Crap

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it’s the week of my birthday and I’m super excited. Too bad that’s not what this post is about. Quick recap: still selling cars (now the ONLY female left on the sales floor), boyfriend-less days after my last post (THAT will be written about later for SURE) and I bought myself a new car as an early birthday gift.

This is what my car looks like

So I have a problem. I consider myself a decent looking person, I’m fairly intelligent and in my mind I should be beating men back with a stick. Well, this guy at work has been hitting on me like crazy. We flirt all day long at work but I’ve already told him that he is too old for me and that I don’t want to mix work and a relationship. This was a great excuse at the time but I’m realizing that I’m full of shit. I really don’t want to sleep with him because I’m worried that I’m horrible in bed. Who would want to be known as the girl that was horrible in bed at their own workplace? That’s not something you can really play off like “nah, that wasn’t me” or laugh it off. I would have to quit and I don’t want to quit at the moment. Since I do still want to keep my job, I will continue to refrain from sleeping with Mr. Work Guy.

So career advice – don’t sleep with someone in your workplace if you doubt your bedroom skills, it can only end badly unless you are fine with everyone knowing you suck in bed.

Am I the only one that thinks about this stuff when dealing with the opposite sex?

Written by Regina

September 27th, 2010 at 12:49 am

  • Ev

    How can you suck in bed? just don’t lay there like a dead fish and you’re golden

  • http://www.reginatwine.com/ Regina Twine

    See that is not what I think about before getting down to business. Maybe I just over think everything lol.

  • Laura Poole

    In regard to dating co-workers, you can follow the old saying: “Don’t shit where you eat.” It’s true…

  • Gayle

    Ya know…a few drinks tend to make most people forget the minor details! :) Jus Sayin