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A New Roulette…Minus the Boobies.

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You know Chat Roulette? The place where you can video chat with people or penises? Well, Brazen Careerist just launched it’s own roulette, without the penises. Networking Roulette is a 3 minute chat session with people all over the hot social network, Brazen Careerist. There is no video so you have to hold your own with your words or your chat partner might “next” you.

In the start, you will fill out your profile saying what are looking for and just to show you aren’t selfish, what you have to offer.

This is a great way to network because there is no pressure; just start a quick convo to see if y’all can help each other out. Speed plays a big factor here so you will need to make sure your elevator pitch is ready. If your chat mate can help, add them to your network at the end of the chat, if not, no hard feelings.

So how is this new awesome toy going to help you? Well it depends. Sometimes there will be themed networking events, say for those interested in job search help or living in NYC. Other times, you can just log on while in your Pjs and see who’s online. Networking Roulette will help you break the ice and connect you with someone that you can help or that can help you. It’s up to you to continue the convo after the chat ends. Can you handle that little task? Then log your ass into Brazen and get to networking!

So here are the main points:

  • Networking Roulette is on Brazen Careerist
  • 3 minute text chat
  • It will connect you with interesting people that might help you if you ask
  • You are in control! Avoid crowded happy hours, unwanted exchanges, and awkard intros