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I’ve been in bed since Wednesday. I’m sure at some point in my life, it will be great to spend almost 5 full days in bed…maybe with someone but this was not the case this week. This week, my fear for my job, hurt my health in a major way.

I haven’t been selling as many cars as I’ve wanted/needed to in the past few weeks. November was a hard month for the dealership and for me so I know I have to REALLY be on the top of my game in order to keep my job. I like getting paid and I work hard to try to make sure that I keep getting paid. Well I started feeling sick at the start of December but ignored it.

Usually these things work themselves out. I kept pushing myself to show up for work with a smile on my face and full of energy even though toward the end of the week I was in a little bit of pain. At the start of the next week, I started off the day with that smile and the high energy but by the end of the day, you could see on my face that something was wrong. I was running a super high fever and I had chills but guess who wanted to stay at work to make sure she was being a team player? They had to FORCE me to go home.

Long story short, I had a SUPER infected pilonidal cyst that should’ve been checked out at the FIRST sign of pain but I was so scared of losing my job AND losing my health insurance in turn that I put it off. After my 1st doctor’s visit, I called work and said I had the flu. (Who wants to tell your boss that you have a problem on your ass?)

People tend to get fired on Mondays and Fridays at our dealership because those are the days we have meetings with the big boss. On Friday, as I was in the waiting room of a surgeon for the first time in my life, I kept looking for the text from my friends at work to be like hey..you got fired this morning. Yes, I had told work I was sick but that sometimes doesn’t matter.

So tomorrow I shall return to work, hole in my ass and everything. I’m on the mend.

I might have to have true surgery in about a month where I’ll be out for 2 weeks for recovery. Hopefully this time I won’t be worried about keeping my job over my heath. Always choose you.

One good thing will come out of this though. I have a blog post written for tomorrow! I might even write a few more!

Written by Regina

December 12th, 2010 at 1:54 pm

  • http://twitter.com/nlj Nathania Johnson

    Not sure, but I don’t think they can legally fire you for having surgery/being legitimately sick. In fact, if they do fire you anytime soon, there are legal organizations who could help you bring suit since it’s a little too coincidental.

    Most importantly, Hope you get better soon!

  • http://www.reginatwine.com/ Regina Twine

    Thanks for the info Nathania!

  • http://carleemallard.com/ Carlee Mallard

    ALWAYS choose your health over your job. Jobs come and go. But you can’t. If you’re gone… you’re gone. I’m so glad you finally listened to everyone in your life telling you to go to the doctor, and finally listened to your own body screaming for help!

    Get better soon my dear… take care of yourself and everything will be OK.

  • Gayle

    Um….if you learned NOTHING from what happened to me earlier this year you will continue with your attitude Missy!!! Get yourself better!!! Here is to hoping for good health and relaxing atomosphere!

  • http://ncsulilwolf.blogspot.com ncsulilwolf

    Feeeeeeel better soon! :-)

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