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A New Roulette…Minus the Boobies.

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You know Chat Roulette? The place where you can video chat with people or penises? Well, Brazen Careerist just launched it’s own roulette, without the penises. Networking Roulette is a 3 minute chat session with people all over the hot social network, Brazen Careerist. There is no video so you have to hold your own with your words or your chat partner might “next” you. Read the rest of this entry »

Am I Missing Out on LIFE?

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SO…Hi.  Long time no blog. I’ve been composing blog posts in my head but they haven’t made it to the computer yet due to me having like no personal time.

Hey Regina! Quick updates: I found my structure – I got a job! I sell cars. Seriously, I’ve been on the job for a month and I’ve sold 10 cars. It’s a little bit of a rush every time I get a car deal. Read the rest of this entry »

Penelope Trunk

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I just wanted to share with you guys a blog that I read. It’s Penelope Trunk’s Blazen Careerist. It can be found here: http://blog.penelopetrunk.com/

My friend Roger told me to start reading this blog when I was in a HUGE job slump. I was (and still am) in love with my boyfriend so when he was in Charlotte after grad school, it only made sense for me to be there too. We had been living together (actually I just moved my stuff in after the summer and gave him no choice) for a few months prior but then our apartment was robbed and with him finshing grad school, his mom, asked him to come home to the Queen’s City. Well I wasn’t invited so I was living with MY mom in Norfolk, VA but was trying to find a job in Charlotte. This was around Feburary 2008ish so there wasn’t an official economic crisis yet and the job market was still steady. I was fresh out of college with a degree so I figured EVERYONE would want to hire me right?
So I’m sitting in my mom’s one bedroom apartment filling out yet another online application at another large corporation that I felt would benefit from my “wonderful” marketing skills (keep in mind I’m fresh out of college so I now know EVERYTHING there is to know about marketing)and Roger calls wanting a life update.
I love Roger, not in the same way I love my boyfriend but Roger is just a great person and almost always twists any horrible situation into something better. This is why he’s Executive Director of Eastern NC Regional Science Center aka (GO-Science) and making BANK. He gives me life tips and he told me about Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist. He tells me that this lady is REAL and gives practical advice to my generation about how to get a job. So I subscribed. I tend do try to follow Roger’s advice cause he’s way worldly than I am so he must be doing something right.
I start getting the Blazen Careerist in my gmail once a week. I was gobbling it up like cake but I realized…her advice sucked. I felt like it wasn’t for me. Of course I’m in my 20’s and I feel like it should be targeted to ME!!!! Well one day I was reading the blog and I realized the reason I felt so unfuilled with the blog was that I wanted to be JUST like Penelope! I had always wanted to start my own business but in my mind, businesses were not about work. It would just happen. I didn’t like having to hear about how hard it was to run a business. I didn’t like hearing about how it was hard to balance home life and your start up. I wanted it to be easy.
That’s when I woke up about my job search. I was thinking that people should be seeking me out to give me a job. That it should be easy. I needed to get REAL about my job search, so I started looking for cheap apartments online in Charlotte. I had been using a friend’s address on my resume who actually lived there but it was time for me to be IN my job search not driving back and forth from Norfolk, VA to Charlotte, NC every few weeks for an interview.

I have this huge realization and get really excited about this next stage in life…and then the boyfriend gets a job in Binghamton, NY with a great company. So what did I do? I didn’t wait for an invite, I started looking online for apartments and jobs :)
Next post…How unlike Charlotte, NC, Binghamton, NY is and how people with degrees make minium wage.

Written by Regina

August 26th, 2009 at 6:16 pm