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Movember? But you aren’t a Man!

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A few of you guys may not know why I’m participating in #Movember. My dad is currently passing away from what started out as thyroid cancer and spread to multiple brain tumors. He didn’t know anything was wrong until a few years ago. He wasn’t the type to go to the doctor a lot so they weren’t able to catch it “early” like doctors like to do for cancer. Fast forward past multiple surgeries and me almost losing him last year to now- He is in hospice care and we’ve reached the end. There is only one way to leave hospice care…..

John Twine
My Daddy and I

I know that each day people pass away but this is my Daddy. The BEST man in my life. He raised me to be the wonderful and strong person that I am and he taught me to stand up for myself. So I’m taking a stand for Men’s Health.

There are also too many men who are just too stubborn to go to the doctor. Stop it. It’s not “uncool” to go get a checkup. Follow the recommended doctor appointments. Someone out there depends on you even if you don’t realize it. Continue to be around for their sake.

If you read this, I’m asking you to donate $1 in the name of my Daddy – John Twine so that other girls out there can watch their daddies grow old. Let’s rise above the stereotypes. Get a checkup. Change the face of Men’s Health

http://mosista.co/ReginaTwine Please pass this along

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November 9th, 2011 at 12:37 pm

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Am I Missing Out on LIFE?

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SO…Hi.  Long time no blog. I’ve been composing blog posts in my head but they haven’t made it to the computer yet due to me having like no personal time.

Hey Regina! Quick updates: I found my structure – I got a job! I sell cars. Seriously, I’ve been on the job for a month and I’ve sold 10 cars. It’s a little bit of a rush every time I get a car deal. Read the rest of this entry »

Jessie Spano and I Are So Excited

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SO… It’s almost May and haven’t blogged much because I’ve been so freaking busy. Here’s a recap of my life in JUST the last two weeks: I put in my notice at work. My (not) boyfriend got laid off at his job (Last Tuesday). I’m having a yard sale to sell all my stuff tomorrow. (on a business’s property since I’ve been kicked off my own lawn) The (not) boyfriend has already gotten a job (got an offer today). Same company, different position, and his dream location. (lucky him!!)

The voice in my head is screaming: “WHAT ABOUT ME??? Read the rest of this entry »

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April 30th, 2010 at 7:02 pm

Are You Enjoying Your Drive?

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May the road rise with you By pearbiter

I love to drive.  I always forget about this fact until I’m in my car, shades on, music blaring, going 50 down the highway. Every time my car has broken down, I’ve gotten a little depressed. It’s not always about the cost of repair (unless I need ANOTHER new engine) it’s more about the fact of giving up control of my life. What if I want to go see a movie/shop/run away? Oh, I can’t because my car is in the shop and I’m at the mercy of my mechanic. It’s scary!  Thinking about this reminds me that only I can control my life. I can either get in the car and drive or I can continue to let others drive me around. My drive/ride will always be changing. I may not always like the scenery outside of my window so I can stay or I can get the heck out of there.

I’m also in charge of who rides with me on my drive. I honestly got a 4 door car with my friends in mind. I wanted to be able to pick them up if they needed me to and I want to have room for as many people as safely possible. When my friends ride, we either agree or compromise on the destination. Sometimes it’s perfectly ok to sit back and let others drive. We all need to remember that sometimes but you have to trust that the person driving is going to take you where you both wanted to go.

So I’m excited right now to find some new roads that I haven’t gone down yet and hopefully one of these roads will lead me to where I need to be. For now, I’m just enjoying the drive.

Written by Regina

March 27th, 2010 at 7:32 pm

I’m Having an Affair

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I’m having an affair…I know I know, I’m still technically in a relationship but this affair started a long time ago and it’s never ending.

This affair was brought to mind by this comment from my wonderful friend Kristin
“pack only what you can carry in your car. become a stranger. struggle to make it”

I’m having an affair with my stuff.
I’m scared of hell to sell all of my things that I have collected since I gained my independence by having my own place to live during college. I’m an Army Brat so I’ve never really had a true place to call home. Yes I lived in NC since I was in 8th grade but with my parents yelling at each other all the time from 8th grade until their divorce, it never really felt like home. So I started my love affair with my things and I’m sure it’s not healthy.

I’m not talking about having the latest and greatest gear. I’m talking about the dresser that I got from my friend Nick for a steal because he packed up & went to New Mexico. I’m talking about my bed that I got almost brand new from my dad because he liked his old one better. I’m also talking about my tiny black nightstand that was passed from PartyEastCarolina member through the years. I was going to actually part with it before I left college but I didn’t get the chance. I’m talking about the desk that my buddy Jon helped me pick up from some strange guy’s apartment and load into his car in the middle of the night.

I’m not a hoarder. I promise lol but it’s hard for me to see myself with nothing. Starting from scratch. Sleeping on a cheap futon because that’s all I would be able to afford if I just took off with just my clothes, my car & no job.

But then I remember that they are just THINGS. Things can be replaced and all the people that gave me these things are still a part of my life and they all helped shape me so that I can be a new person. And I thank them for this…..

But I still want to take my bed

Written by Regina

March 3rd, 2010 at 6:10 pm