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A New Roulette…Minus the Boobies.

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You know Chat Roulette? The place where you can video chat with people or penises? Well, Brazen Careerist just launched it’s own roulette, without the penises. Networking Roulette is a 3 minute chat session with people all over the hot social network, Brazen Careerist. There is no video so you have to hold your own with your words or your chat partner might “next” you. Read the rest of this entry »

May Goals….a few weeks late

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I’m a bit late on posting my May goals but that’s because I accomplished my biggest goal for the month, I moved to Raleigh on May 10!

Here’s a recap of my goals from last month:

  1. Sell my stuff. I sold my big furniture for way less money than I wanted but oh well, I got it sold! I made many trips to Salvation Army with bags of clothes and little items. I was sad to see everything go but what had to be done was done. Unfortunately, my little car still didn’t hold everything so I have an appointment to pick up the rest of my things in Maryland in June.
  2. Figure out my skills I wasn’t really able to find that quiet time I needed to do this. I will work on this later this week.
  3. Walk more. I did this kind of… I got a little bit of walking done while moving my things and filling my car. My new roommates do actually walk so I will be able to join them.

My goals for May (even though it’s halfway over)

  1. Job hunt! While I’m enjoying my free time of being able to see my friends from the old days with just a drive, I really enjoy working and making money. So I am constantly applying for jobs and already have some networking events on my calendar.
  2. Blog more It really should not have taken me this long to blog this month. I have nothing but time on my hands right now and I should be focusing on getting meaningful posts in along the way. Read the rest of this entry »

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May 17th, 2010 at 12:56 pm

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