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Pantyhose – The Great Debate

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This morning, lots of women dressed up SUPER nicely for Easter service. Was pantyhose part of your wardrobe? From church to the job interview, the pantyhose question is thrown back and forth endlessly. Looking on the web, it seems that pantyhose is a great topic of debate for women (and sometimes the men chime in) but it looks like there is only one true answer* that all should follow.  Here are a few articles from each side:

For: http://www.thebudgetfashionista.com/archive/to_pantyhose_or_not_to_pantyhose2/




I decided to take my pantyhose fears to the wonderful people at on last Monday’s #jobhuntchat (super awesome/smart/funny/insightful people). Here’s some of the convo:

sjhalestorm : @HappyWalks, I don’t generally wear pantyhose to interviews. Usually. #JobHuntChat
MsCareerGirl @HappyWalks:Q4- My answer? Hose are an interview MUST regardless of the weather. #jobhuntchat
JennSchooley @HappyWalks If I’m wearing pants, I buy a bunch of nude knee highs. Still professional and comfortable!
Workchic @HappyWalks Do not wear them if you feel uncomfortable wearing them. That will show through in your interview! #jobhuntchat
MegSaid Depends on job and city and time of year. RT @HappyWalks: so no answer on the pantyhose lol? I hate it so I don’t wear it
LaurenGav @HappyWalks Pantyhose is geo dependent; yes up north and even in Cali not so much in the south. #jobchat
JasmineBrooks1 @HappyWalks Purchase sheer pantyhose #jobhuntchat
talentline411 @Infoployment @MsCareerGirl @HappyWalks Worked with a senior recruiter who vehemently insisted women should wear hose 2 intervu #jobhuntchat
bitty_boop Me either lol RT @HappyWalks: @MsCareerGirl what if the hose doesn’t match your skin? Nude is actually not nude on me lol #jobhuntchat
MsCareerGirl @HappyWalks I don’t think they have to match your skin. I almost always wear black tights and I am pale as Casper the ghost.#JobHuntChat Q4

*So my answer that I’ve gotten out of all this is:


If you are going to feel out of place by not wearing them, do it. If you are like me and can’t stand them, don’t wear them. If someone turns me down for a job because I wasn’t wearing pantyhose, I’m sure I wouldn’t want to work for them long term anyway. As women, we are judged for SO many things on the job hunt but pantyhose shouldn’t be one of them! Let the real you shine through instead of being worried about if you picked the right color pantyhose that morning!

What do you say about pantyhose? Yay or Nay?

FYI: Panty & Hose are two very fun words to say outloud  :)

Written by Regina

April 4th, 2010 at 11:18 pm